Light Adjustable Lens Implants

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Our surgeons are the FIRST in central Illinois implanting the revolutionary Light Adjustable Lens!


Introducing the Light Adjustable Lens from RxSight®

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) is the only adjustable intraocular lens available that allows you to customize your vision after your cataract surgery without requiring another surgery.  You will have the unique ability to adjust, preview, and fine tune your vision based on your personal desires and lifestyle requirements.  This advanced technology is designed to improve how well you see without eyeglasses compared to a basic single focus intraocular lens.

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The first step is to have your cataract safely removed and the LAL implanted. Cataract surgery with the LAL is performed through a small incision (like any other cataract surgery) and poses no additional medical risk. Once your eye has healed and your vision has stabilized, you will return to your doctor to have your vision tested. During this visit, you will be able to test drive, that is, preview and compare possible vision outcomes before selecting a final prescription for your adjustable lens.

How Does the LAL Work?

The LAL is made of a special photosensitive material that changes the shape and power of your implanted lens in response to UV light. Your doctor will apply a light treatment that will precisely reshape your adjustable lens based on the visual prescription that is needed to target your custom prescription.

The light treatments are painless, non-invasive, and last approximately 90 seconds. You will go home with special UV blocking sunglasses for you to wear temporarily to protect the LAL from receiving too much UV light until the adjustment process is complete. You may need up to three total light treatments to reach your visual goals, although the majority of patients can reach their target in one treatment. Once you have achieved your optimal vision, the lens power is permanently locked in with two final light treatments after which the LAL can no longer change or be adjusted.

Why Choose the LAL?

The LAL delivers superior visual outcomes that non-adjustable intraocular lenses cannot match. In a study of 600 patients, those who received the LAL followed by adjustments were twice as likely to achieve 20/20 distance vision at 6 months without glasses as those who received a basic single focus intraocular lens. While both lenses can give you the ability to experience better vision, the LAL offers stronger and more customizable visual outcomes. Even with the best pre-operative calculations, it is difficult to predict how your eye will heal before the surgery takes place. The LAL is especially beneficial because of its ability to fine tune each eye to its optimal target without requiring another surgery.

Is the LAL Right For Me?

Many people can benefit from the exciting opportunities created by the LAL. If you are looking to optimize your vision after cataract surgery, your doctor will help determine if you are a good candidate for the LAL. The FDA has approved the LAL for those with pre-existing corneal astigmatism of 0.75 diopters or more who are undergoing cataract surgery. Contraindications include:
• Preexisting macular disease
• Pupils that do not dilate widely enough
• Taking medications that may increase your sensitivity to UV light
• Taking medication that is considered harmful to your retina
• Having a history of herpes eye infection
• Uncontrollable eye movements (nystagmus)
• If you are unable to comply with your doctor’s schedule of LDD light treatments and instructions for wearing special UV-protective glasses for several weeks following cataract surgery

Vision Plans and Insurance

Our surgical coordinators will work with you to discuss your coverage and payment options. Most Medicare supplemental insurance and private insurance policies cover cataract surgery, but there is an additional fee for laser cataract surgery and premium IOL implants, such as the LAL.

Contact us today to find out more about the LAL and how it might be beneficial to you!

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