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Our entire team at VisionPoint Eye Center is dedicated to providing the best vision correction solution for you and your lifestyle. Get new prescription eyewear or consider having outpatient surgery to gain freedom from glasses and contacts for the rest of your life. The procedures we perform have proven safe and effective in correcting even some of the most severe vision problems. See how VisionPoint Eye Center can improve your quality of life through improved eyesight.

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LASIK Eye Surgery in Bloomington, IL

Imagine waking up and seeing the world around you without the need for contacts or glasses. If you want to see without depending on glasses or contacts, consider iLASIK vision correction. This simple outpatient procedure reshapes the cornea to correct most cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, in any combination. LASIK is extremely safe; all branches of the U.S. military and NASA have approved LASIK surgery for their service people. And it can change your life in a matter of minutes. No more squinting just to see the alarm clock in the morning. You’ll be able to drive, swim and participate in other activities without worrying about your eyewear. And just think of the cost savings over your lifetime.

The specialists at VisionPoint Eye Center in Bloomington and Champaign are experts in LASIK surgery. While other providers still use a blade to perform LASIK surgery, VisionPoint Eye Center only offers the safer, more accurate bladeless alternative. We have been blade free since 2004 and are the most experienced bladeless LASIK eye surgery provider in Central Illinois. Our doctors perform the procedure using the latest technology and equipment. With more than 50 years of combined surgical experience, we have performed more than 10,000 LASIK surgeries and continue to receive an extremely high number of client referrals because of proven success.

Top 9 Reasons To Get LASIK

“I wish I Would Have Had LASIK Sooner” as told by our patients:

Can I Get LASIK?

Most likely, yes! About 98% of people with glasses or contacts qualify for LASIK eye surgery. LASIK can correct most cases of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, in any combination.

LASIK surgery requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be in good general health.
  • You must have a stable vision prescription (no big changes within the past year).
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Alternatives to LASIK

If you are among the few who do not qualify for LASIK surgery, you do have other options:

  • Refractive Lensectomy
  • Eyeglasses and Contacts
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iLASIK What to Expect

Your iLASIK Consultation

To make sure that you are an ideal iLASIK candidate, we would like for you to come in and see us for your free LASIK consultation. During your consultation, you will meet with one of our refractive coordinators for about 45 minutes to an hour. You will also get a chance to meet your iLASIK surgeon (if he/she is available). Your eyes are not dilated for this exam so you will not need a driver. We take a few measurements needed to determine if you are a candidate and discuss your visual goals and expectations. If you are deemed an iLASIK candidate and are interested in pursuing iLASIK, your next step is your iLASIK evaluation.

Your iLASIK Evaluation

Your iLASIK evaluation is a more in-depth exam than the consultation. This is where all of your measurements are taken for your LASIK procedure. You must be out of your contacts for at least two weeks (unless otherwise instructed) prior to this exam. Plan to be in our office 1.5-2 hours. This eye exam includes dilation, which typically lasts for 24-48 hours. You will need a driver to take you home and we ask that you do not drive for the remainder of that day. Your eyes are thoroughly evaluated and as long as your eyes are healthy, you may proceed to your iLASIK procedure.

The Day of Your iLASIK Procedure

You will be in our office 45 minutes to 1 hour the day of your procedure. We will review your postoperative drops and instructions prior to your procedure. You will then be escorted to our iLASIK suite. Numbing eye drops will be instilled in both eyes to keep them comfortable throughout your procedure. When creating the LASIK flap, you may experience a slight pressure sensation within the eye, but this is not painful, and it usually lasts less than a minute. After your LASIK flap(s) have been created, your corneal tissue will be resculpted.

Your treatment time will depend on your amount of prescription but generally will take less than a minute per eye. After your treatment is complete, you will be escorted back to your exam room where your surgeon will examine your eyes before leaving the office. You will receive protective eyewear to wear until you are seen the next day. We recommend you go home and close/rest your eyes for the first 2 – 4 hours after your procedure.

After Your LASIK Procedure

Most patients can expect to gain 80 – 90% of their visual improvement by the next day. You will see a physician the day after your procedure to examine your eyes and review your post operative instructions. It is common for your vision to be foggy/hazy and some redness and/or irritation. Expect your vision to fluctuate during the first week following your surgery. These symptoms generally subside with time. You will be using several drops for the first week to help with the healing and to keep your eyes lubricated. You must avoid pools/lakes/hot tubs/saunas and refrain from wearing eye makeup for the first couple weeks after your procedure. Generally you are able to resume everyday normal activities after you are seen the next day. We will check on you several other times throughout the first year to make sure you are seeing well.

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When you elect to receive LASIK or ASA laser vision correction at VisionPoint, you are automatically inducted into our VIP program. This program entitles you to a range of benefits designed to keep you comfortable before, during and after your treatment. Your wellness, safety and comfort are always our focus.

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