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At VisionPoint Eye Center, we take pride in the quality of eye care that we offer to our patients throughout the Bloomington and surrounding Illinois areas. Our ophthalmologists and optometrists give each patient trust, integrity, compassion, and education about each interaction we have with them. Not only are we proud to offer premier eye care services, but we also want our patients to have the best experience they can have outside of our office. That is why we have the most up to date medical website design so you can have an optimal experience.

Being able to showcase our team and eye care services through a professional and responsive website is the best way to showcase VisionPoint. With our layout, our home page is able to give you a quick snapshot of what we are all about. You can easily find a list including our entire staff of ophthalmologists and optometrists in the navigation so you can get to know more about them. As well as getting to know more about our team, you also can get an inside look at what will happen during one of your upcoming procedures or consultations.

Not only is it important to convey information about our procedures like LASIK and cataract surgery and other eye care procedures, but we also want to make sure that you have a user-friendly format so you can easily find the information useful to you. We give you the ability to easily navigate your way around the website so you can get where you need to in the most convenient way possible. With the information available to you, you are able to see our list of ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as having the option of being educated about eye conditions like dry eye, cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and many more!

We Can Easily Be Found

Having an optimal medical website design is a benefit to our current patients, but we want to make it easier for new users as well. This is why we selected a firm of professional SEO specialists for our Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) needs. Now current patients and potential patients can easily find the correct information about us. Having proper search engine optimization allows our website to get in front of potential clients that may have never even heard of us. Whether a local resident is surfing the web trying to find a potential LASIK surgeon or wanting to schedule a general eye exam, we want to make sure we show up in the rankings.

Research shows that more users are now using mobile devices more than ever. Our medical website design with Glacial allows us to stay optimized with our responsive website design. Having issues with a page loading or buttons not working can anger users of your website, we make sure your experience with our website is the easiest part of your day.

We Are Always Available

Being able to find us online is one thing, navigating to the right pages to contact us is another. We have pages for each of our locations so you know you have the correct information. Whether it is an emergency or just a quick form fill out, our medical website design has made it easy for you.

Our site also utilizes cloud-based hosting technologies which means that there are minimal disruptions. This allows you to always have the correct contact information and the peace of mind of always having a reliable source of eye care information.

Keep Up To Date On All Our Information

With an updated format, we are able to keep our content fresh. This means that our website will always be up to date with new offers and procedures that we give to you. Gone are the days of figuring out something at the last minute. Eye care is important to all of our clients and we want to make sure that they always have up to date information for what concerns them.

We also give our patients a resource center where you can see our FAQ section, blogs, patient forms, and our patient portal. This makes it easy for you to check on what time an appointment might be, and even get some paperwork done before you even get to the office. If you follow our blogs, you will be able to get information on some topics that might not be included on our website.

Easy To Reach Us

Along with up to date information about our services and procedures, we give you a quick and easy way to reach out to us. Our website not only has an easy to use format, but we also give you an easy way to directly reach out to us. You will see multiple contact forms and self-tests throughout our site. Self-tests are a convenient way to see if you are a candidate for certain procedures like LASIK and cataract surgery. If you find that you are not a viable candidate, we also give you information about alternative methods for your symptoms.

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