What Power of Reading Glasses Should I Buy?

As you grow older, the lens inside your eye becomes harder and less flexible.  As a result, it has difficulty adjusting and can no longer focus on up-close objects.

This common condition is known as presbyopia. For most people, presbyopia begins to occur between the ages of 40 – 45.

Presbyopia progresses with time, and eventually cataracts develop.  Reading glasses can help you see up-close objects until you need cataract surgery.  Over the counter readers can be bought without a prescription.

How to Find Your Reading Glasses Strength

Reading glasses can help you see clearly at near when you have presbyopia. However, just because readers can be purchased over the counter doesn’t mean that any pair will work great.

It’s important to determine the power that will adequately correct your vision. The strength of reading glasses is measured in diopters, ranging from +0.75 diopter to +3.50 diopters, with units increasing by 0.25 diopter. Although rare, the highest strength reading glasses can go all the way up to +4.00.

When selecting readers, remember that the higher the number, the stronger your reading glasses will be, or the more magnified images will appear. The easiest way to determine what power you need is to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor, or to perform a reading glasses test on your own.

To perform a reading gest on your own, you will need to go somewhere that has multiple pairs of reading glasses (such as 1107 Optique.)  Place the object you need to see at the distance you would like to be able to see it. Keep in mind, size and lighting is a large factor in your ability to see the object in front of you.  The more lighting, the easier it will be for you to be able to see.  Begin trying on different glasses to find which power is most comfortable for you to be able to see the object at that distance.

The closer you hold something, the higher the magnification you will need.  You may need several reading glasses with different strengths for various activities; such as glasses with stronger magnification for reading a book and glasses with less magnification for your computer.

You may also want to consider multifocal readers that will allow you to see up close, intermediate, and distance all with one lens.

If you have a pre-existing prescription and already wear glasses, you’ll need a pair of multifocal glasses or glasses with a bifocal that will allow you to see clearly at varying distances.  If you are near-sighted, you may also be able to take your glasses off to see up close (depending on how near-sighted you are.)

Reasons to Visit Your Eye Doctor

You don’t want to get reading glasses with magnification that is even slightly off. Otherwise, you may experience frequent headaches and eyestrain.

Since you’re not a trained professional, you may not feel comfortable choosing the correct magnification you need to be able to see.  You can always schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to help you.

Your eye doctor will take the guesswork out of trying to find the most suitable reading glasses on your own. During your eye exam, you might even discover that your eyes require different magnification powers.

In this case, prescription glasses from your eye doctor may be best for you. They’ll perfectly match your vision requirements, ensure the best reading experience, and guarantee your eye comfort.

Do you want new readers but are unsure which power is best for you? Schedule your eye exam today to start your journey to clear, comfortable vision.

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